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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

choices freak me out a blog from vaishu

choices freak me out

desufnoc? Yep am definitely confused....

There are many choices in life that we need to make...Is it just me or does everyone complicate life's simple decisions and then get confused totally as to what to choose...I am in a stage of my life where I need to make an important decision.A choice between two paths....And man I like both of them equally,I am telling you this is not just a simple decision too.This has been running in my mind kind of like a loop without getting a proper answer to it for a couple of years now.And no matter in what way I prioritise things, I still feel that I equally love both of the choices.
Uuuuggghhhh I just wish that there was one more choice saying both a and b.How I wish.Why?can't it be there seriously....I demand an answer...I guess this is one of the reason why I am not able to sleep no matter how hard I try for the past ten hours(something that comes for me without much effort)...And I am exhausted as well with one of my endsem just getting over today.And about the choices you would have guessed it's "what will I do after my ug?"I am a person who would like to keep everything in life simple. I am a "live every moment" "go with the flow" take life as it comes" type of a person.I do plan a little bit(my friends actually say that I am quite a planner)may be for the evening or couple of days or to the max may be a week but not more than that.This is the first time ever that I thought about future as in "future".And I am freaked out like anything inside.
For a person who gets confused over petite(if there is a word much better than this to describe even the tiniest decision i need to make I would gladly use that) choices of "this or that" choosing a lifetime career path is OMG I can't even imagine how difficult it is.
And about the choices i ll tell you later.....

Buh bye,

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